About Biothane® and Beta Biothane®

biothaneREV08smallBiothane® and Beta Biothane® are manufactured by Biothane USA Inc. Both are urethane coated nylon webbing but use different urethane formulas.

The original Biothane® is semi-translucent and comes in a wide variety of very bright colours. But it can also be a little stiff. Therefore we only use it for overlays and spot colour.

Beta Biothane® feels just like leather.  Soft, super strong, easy to clean with soap and water, no oiling required, does not stretch, and retains its suppleness at the coldest temperatures.  It has a matte appearance (not shiny like Biothane) but is also available in a variety of colours. We use it exclusively as the foundation for all our bridles, halters, and breastplates.

Feel free to experiment with colour combinations.  The colours represented in the chart are not exactly like the actual item because computer screens cannot duplicate physical colour.  Please use the chart as a guide only.