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Rope Comparison Guide
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All our leads and reins are available in 1/2 inch or 5/8″  double braided “marine grade” polyester or nylon yacht rope. Not to be confused with the low quality polyethylene “poly” and polypropylene rope found in most stores. It is super strong and does not slip in your hands when sweaty or wet.

The double braided polyester has virtually no stretch and is hydrophobic, meaning it does not absorb water.  This is an excellent rope for training since the horse knows when its reached the end.

Super strong, water and mildew resistant double braided nylon has a small percentage of stretch and will absorb a small percentage of water.  Nylon offers different colour and diameter size options that are not available in polyester.


By looping the eyelet clasps can easily be changed.
By looping the eyelet clasps can easily be changed.

For most products we use a large eyelet spliced into the shaft. This permits the clasp to be looped through for easy clasp replacement. This also adds a bit more weight that is gentle yet noticeable when jiggled. All non-eyelet ends are back spliced and sewn with heavy duty, water repellent marine twine.  For leads and reins using the thick 5/8″ rope the hardware is permanently placed.


Available Rope Colours


Purple, Neon Pink, Black, Red and Royal Blue