Loop Reins with Snaps


We use the heavy Beta BioThane® for a full comfort feel.

We now offer two choices for snaps: Swivel Scissor Snaps and now the non swivel but safer Halter Snap.

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We use the thicker Beta BioThane® for a full comfort feel.

We offer two choices for snaps. “Swivel Scissor Snaps” are the usual choice but even though ours are high quality stainless or solid brass they can still release unexpectedly in rare cases and can become bent or sticky. They do require oiling in the spring area and cleaning to remain functional. We cannot be held responsible for snaps that fail, become sticky or had bent after use. We make sure our hardware is working properly when it leaves our shop.

In place of these we offer “Halter Snaps”. These do not swivel so you just need to make sure you put the reins on correctly. They are safe and will not release. You still need to care for them with a bit of oil once in a while in the spring area and keep them clean so dirt doesn’t build up and make them sticky.

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6', 8', 9', 10'


Stainless Steel Halter Snaps, Solid Brass Halter Snaps, Stainless Steel Scissor Snaps, Solid Brass Scissor Snaps

Main Colour

Black BL520, Purple VI521, Red RD522, Royal Blue BU522, Sky Blue BU521, Brown BR523, Wine WN52, Yellow YE521, White WH521, Orange OR522, 5/8" Pink only PK521, Light Green GN528, Teal Green GN522

Overlay Colour

None, White WH521, Black BL520, Purple VI521, Pink PK521, Red RD522, Royal Blue BU522, Sky Blue BU521, Brown BR523, Wine WN521, Teal Green GN522, Yellow YE521, L Green GN528, Orange OR522, Shiny Turquoise TU313, Shiny Red RD318, Shiny Green GN314, Shiny Pink PK311, Shiny Orange OR315


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