Basic or Hackamore Headstall


Our basic or hackamore headstalls are light but strong.

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Our basic or hackamore headstall is made using original Beta BioThane®.  They are light but strong. You can choose a 5/8″ or 3/4″ brow band width.

Beta BioThane® feels and looks a lot like leather,  retains its suppleness even in the coldest temperatures.  Its easy to clean.  Just wash it off with water and some soap. No more oiling, no worries about mold, stretching or wearing out.

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Arabian, Horse

Main Colour

Black BL520, Purple VI521, Red RD522, Royal Blue BU522, Sky Blue BU521, Brown BR523, Wine WN52, Yellow YE521, White WH521, Orange OR522, 5/8"Pink only PK521, Light Green GN528, Teal Green GN522

Accent Colour

None, Black BL520, Purple VI521, Pink PK521, Red RD522, Royal Blue BU522, Sky Blue BU521, Brown BR523, Wine WN521, Teal Green GN522, Yellow YE521, L Green GN528, Orange OR522, Shiny Turquoise TU313, Shiny Red RD318, Shiny Green GN314, Shiny Pink PK311, Shiny Orange OR315

Ribbon For Brow Band

Chrystal Ribbon, Zig Zag Ribbon, Diamond Ribbon, Arabian Ribbon, Canadian Ribbon, Blue Tango 3/4", Red Tango 3/4"

Brow Width

5/8", 3/4"

Hanger Length

Basic, Hackamore


Stainless Steel, Solid Brass


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